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We make hygiene inspections easy!

Inspectle Food is a platform for conducting regular hygiene inspections in GFSI certified food production plants that helps to solve non-conformities faster and saves quality team time due to automatically generated reports and user friendly interface!


Register non-conformities

App design allows to register more than 100 non-conformites with ease during an inspection while focus remains on assessing the production environment.


Manage non-conformities

Non-conformities are sent directly to the responsible persons, giving them all relevant information in one place. Non-conformity picture, location and information in one glance.

Picture 22211.png


Automatic reporting

Work ends with the hygiene inspection! Quality team can generate automatic reports and get a full overview with one click - breakdown of inspected areas and status of all non-conformities in one place.



Overview of different departments’ performance, closing rate and trend analysis can be accessed over the cloud based platform.

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